Life Events & Trauma

Things happen in life that bring joy and satisfaction. Other events occur that change everything and leave us struggling just to get by. We don't want you to suffer with that alone.
adjustment disorder

Adjustment Disorder

In moments that require adaptability, many people are able to adjust quickly to a “new normal” following events or situations that cause a significant change or major disruption. At other times, though, people can have great difficulty coping with major life events and significant changes.

anger management WithTherapy

Anger Management

When under control, anger is a normal part of any person’s life. However, being unable to manage anger can hurt personal relationships, careers, and people.

understanding attachment disorders WithTherapy

Attachment Issues

you believe you or a loved one suffers from an attachment disorder, take a deep breath and realize that help is out there.

coping with a chronic illness

Chronic Illness

Chronic illnesses tend to have complicated causes and can result in impairments or disabilities. Following a treatment plan, which may include psychotherapy, enables people to enjoy better health and an enhanced quality of life.

Woman holding her neck in pain

Chronic Pain

Pain usually becomes less severe as the injury heals. However, chronic pain is different. When an individual experiences chronic pain, the body sends pain signals to the brain, even after the wound has healed.

Dissociative Disorders

Dissociative Disorders

Dissociative disorders involve a disconnection, or problems with, memory, identity, emotion, behavior, and sense of self. These symptoms, which are often caused by psychological trauma, can disrupt functioning and interfere with daily life.

divorce and seperation withtherapy

Divorce and Separation

When challenges related to divorce or separation are overwhelming or long-lasting, they can lead to symptoms of common mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression.

domestic violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence in close relationships can occur in the form of physical violence, psychological violence, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse.

Drug Addiction and Abuse WithTherapy

Drug Addiction and Abuse

Addiction is a chronic disease that affects an individual’s brain and behavior. It makes it feel impossible to resist the urge to use them, regardless of how much harm they may cause.

family issues

Family Issues

While family relationships play a prominent role in our lives, they can also be significant sources of stress and pain.

Geriatric Mental Health

Geriatric Issues

As the aging population continues to grow rapidly, it’s more important than ever to focus on mental wellness throughout the entire lifespan.

life transitions and change

Life Transitions

Life transitions are stressful for everyone, and even adjusting to positive changes can cause stress. For some people, the stress of change can be enough to induce mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

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